Crux Quality Solutions, (CruxQS™), is a global software product design and services company. With a focus on oncology, our mission is to deliver innovative technologies (software, hardware) & service models with a primary goal of making cancer care affordable, accessible and safe.

Founded in 2009, CruxQS™ began by providing education review courses, equipment commissioning and consulting services. Today CruxQS™ has built three software products FlowBoard™, Equate™ and Gurukkul™, and several service-based programs such as Rapid Commissioning, SafetyNet™ and OnDemand Dosimetry.

CruxQS™ also develops highly specialized content for your department's Quality Management Program, electronic documentation forms in EMR, training documents and also patient education materials.

Churchill Consulting, a division of CruxQS™, provides a comprehensive suite of services to ensure CMS compliance and other Quality Improvement & accreditation support services. Churchill Consulting also has several proprietary content material to facilitate documentation for quality and compliance process improvement in radiation oncology.


We aspire to be the preeminent global healthcare software service and support company helping providers in the new healthcare paradigm deliver efficacious, cost effective, and safe care while enhancing the patient experience.


Our mission is to work – through compassion, creation, and collaboration – to solve the Crux of the problems that are important for the future of healthcare. Specifically, CruxQS strives to: 1) Enhance efficiency of the care giving process through meaningful software tools, 2) Ensure the safety by managing both quantitative and qualitative aspects of care 3) Reduce the risk of compliance in all aspects of radiation therapy, 4) Develop and apply clinical intelligence through data informatics tools, and 5) Provide the highest quality & compassionate care to our clients and their patients.


Innovate, Work hard, Add value and Have fun


Transparent, Collaborate, Continuous Improvement and be Fearless