Crux Quality Solutions and the UK’s NHS Southampton General Hospital have partnered to further enhance and modify workflow automation platform FlowBoard™ for the UK market.

ST. LOUIS, MO, July 31, 2018 – Crux Quality Solutions (CruxQS™) announced today that the UK’s Southampton General Hospital will collaborate with CruxQS™ on development of FlowBoard™, an intelligent workflow management solution for radiation oncology

The main site of the NHS Trust: Southampton General Hospital is one of the UK’s largest integrated cancer centers and a global leader in clinical research. The center treats around 4,000 patients with a new diagnosis of cancer each year and of those 2,200 patients per year with radiotherapy and provides multiple modalities of treatments for the majority of cancer types. The versatility of their operation along with UKs strict timelines for cancer patients makes efficiency and safety an important necessity that will benefit by using the FlowBoard™ platform.

FlowBoard™ is an intelligent workflow management solution for radiation oncology, which integrates with Record and Verify systems, popular treatment planning systems and other systems that are part of the oncology department. Integrating and visually presenting this information along with notification of bottlenecks & other proactive predictive analytics mitigate communication errors, improve efficiency and enable care teams with easy access to relevant data to make decisions. For patients it means a smoother treatment experience, quick start times and good quality of care.

The immediate step in the strategic alliance is to work with the radiotherapy physics team to integrate the necessary tools into the FlowBoard™ system for benefits of the cancer patients around the workflow. Installation and training of the FlowBoard™ system at Southampton General Hospital will commence immediately to expedite the optimization and development process of FlowBoard™.

"I am excited that University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust has joined us in our efforts towards optimizing the workflow for cancer care providers and patients”, said Dharanipathy Rangaraj, PhD, Crux Quality Solutions Founder & CEO. “Using FlowBoard to reduce care delays, improved efficiency and safety in the international market is one of the most exciting challenges to date for us”, said Dr. Rangaraj.

“Combining the innovation capability of CruxQS™ and the vast clinical knowledge of the Radiotherapy Physics team at Southampton General Hospital will no doubt ensure that this collaboration will be a great success.” “We look forward to working with the CruxQS™ team to help them with bringing this innovative technology to the UK market”, said Nael Clarke, Commercial Director for University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust.

About Crux Quality Solutions

Crux Quality Solutions, LLC (CruxQS™) is a global software product design and services company. With a focus on oncology, CruxQS mission is to deliver innovative technologies & service models with a primary goal of making cancer care affordable, accessible and safe. Their software product lines include FlowBoard™, a digital workflow management program, and Equate™, an enterprise quality management system. Their service offerings include SafetyNet™, a comprehensive risk mitigation audit of clinics and hospital radiation oncology programs, OnDemand Dosimetry, a program that supports clients with remote planning services, and Rapid Linac Commissioning. To learn more about CruxQS™, please visit

About Southampton General Hospital, part of University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust provides services to some 1.9 million people living in Southampton and south Hampshire, plus specialist services such as neurosciences, cardiac services and children's intensive care to more than 3.7 million people in central southern England and the Channel Islands. The Trust is also a major centre for teaching and research in association with the University of Southampton and partners including the Medical Research Council and Welcome Trust.


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